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Department of Economics


鄭國漢教授, 校長及經濟學講座教授; BSSc (CUHK); MA, PhD (UC Berkeley); JP
Applied game theory; Market structure; Currency crisis; International trade and investment; Technological innovation and imitation; China's inward and outward foreign direct investment.

丘東曉教授, 經濟學講座教授兼系主任; BSc (SYSU); MA, PhD (UBC)
Industrial Organization, International Trade, Foreign Direct Investment.

范承澤教授, 教授; BSc, MSc (Xiamen); MA, PhD (Brown)
Development/comparative economics; Labour and population economics; International economics; Macroeconomics.

林平教授, 教授; BSc (Shandong); MA (Chinese Academy of Soc. Sc.); PhD (Minnesota)
Industrial organisation; Competition law/policy in East Asia; Industrial economics; Innovation, FDI, and technology transfer in China; Banking.

魏向東教授, 教授; BSc (Zhongshan); MSocSc, PhD (Birmingham)
Labour economics with special interests in personnel economics; Economics of education and workplace health and safety policies; Chinese and Hong Kong economy.

Prof. CROZET Matthieu Daniel, 副教授; BA, Master's degree (Paris IX Dauphine); MA, PhD (Paris 1)
International trade, economic geography, economics of services.

洪福海教授, 副教授; BA, MA (Renmin); PhD (HKUST)
Environmental and public economics, behavioral and experimental economics.

溫演鑣教授, 副教授; BAgrSc, PhD (La Trobe)
Cost-benefit analysis; Agricultural economics; Public finance; Financial economics.

黃智亮教授, 副教授; BSocSci (CUHK); MPhil (CUHK); PhD (UBC)
Industrial organization; Microeconomic theory; Bargaining; Auction.

張天樂教授, 副教授; BSc (Zhongshan); MSc (HKUST); PhD (Colorado)
Industrial organization; Economics of innovation and intellectual property; Behavioral economics.​

Prof. PONCET Sandra, 客座副教授; MBA, Master's degree (University of Ottawa); MA, PhD (Univeristy Clermont Auvergne) (Paris 1)
International trade, regional economics, economics of China.

劉思博教授, 助理教授; BA (Jiaotong, Xi'an); MA (China Univ. of Pol. Sc. & Law); MPhil (LU); PhD (HKU)
Financial economics and empirical IO.