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SSC3319 Junior Research Project

Term Agency Partners
Term 1, 2019-20

People Service Centre

Yan Oi Tong Woo Chung District Elderly Community Centre

Term 2, 2019-20 Tuen Mun Green Station
Term 1, 2020-21

People Service Centre

Aomori Heya

Term 2, 2020-21

Yan Oi Tong Woo Chung District Elderly Community Centre

World Wide Fund for Nature HK

St. James’ Settlement

SSC3319 Junior Research Project provides a platform for senior BSS students to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to independently prepare a research project which incorporates the fundamental elements of a full-fledged research project in the Social Sciences. Along with providing individual supervision under an instructor, the Junior Research project includes an optional Service-Learning (S-L) option. Students choosing the S-L option in SSC3319 Junior Research Project should carefully consider the information listed in the following guideline about project-related responsibilities, expectations of support from the Office of Service-Learning, project timelines, and other logistical matters. This information is essential for fulfilling the S-L Graduation Requirement through SSC3319.



Important Note: If no agency supports your proposed research and S-L ideas, you may not be able to complete the required 30 service-learning hours to fulfill the S-L Graduation Requirement. In 2020-21, only 7 out of 15 enrolled students fulfilled the S-L Graduation Requirement through SSC3319. Therefore, please talk to the S-L coordinator to understand more about the workload of this course before integrating S-L elements into your SSC3319 Junior Research Project. 


Past S-L Agency Partners in SSC3319


Contact Person

Chad Chan (26168074/