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Graduates’ Sharing



Ms. LIU Lihe
The University of New South Wales, Australia

I choose Lingnan University because of the MIBF program. After studying MIBF, I love Lingnan. The professors in Lingnan are knowledgeable and experienced and they teach with enthusiasm. The MIBF program not only gives you a good foundation for your further study as a CFA or CFP, but also provides you the opportunity to work in the financial sectors. Guests from the financial industry are invited to lecture to students and are invited to share their study and working experience with current students.

Although I have studied accounting in Australia for two years, I find this program is so useful and practical that it motivates me to learn. The teaching and assessing methods are similar to my previous oversea studies. The professors and classmates are so friendly that even you are new to Hong Kong, you will not feel homesick.

Hong Kong, the international financial center with the educational system being world-famous, is a good place for you to practice the financial knowledge you learn. The MIBF program in Lingnan University provides the environment for you to acquire the knowledge you need and meet friends from all over the world.



Amur State University, Russian Federation

“Learning is the eye of the mind”, said one great Russian commander, Alexander Suvorov. If you love to acquire new knowledge and skills and believe that lifelong learning is a key to meet you goals – Lingnan University would be your top choice.

It is a generally known fact, that financial education received in Hong Kong is one of the best in the world and perfectly meets the needs of financial industry. I believe getting the Master`s degree in International Banking and Finance Programme in Lingnan University will make me prepared for my future professional development and give chance to get my dream job.

Staying in Hong Kong for a year helps to gain cross-cultural expertise, to better know yourself and also to acquire certain self-confidence while in diverse environment, which I am sure would be an invaluable asset towards effective communication with people from around the world.

The huge advantage of MIBF Programme is that this kind of degree gives you sufficient professional flexibility to apply knowledge in extensive variety of fields. It gives you not only the understanding of the banking and financial sectors, but it also fortifies your background in the areas of management, investment, accounting, and other. Thus, I am sure you would be better prepared to face all the inevitable challenges in your future career.



Mr. WAGNER Kyle Joseph
Financial Analyst
Kohl's Corporation, USA
Graduate from Carroll University, USA

Entering the final semester in my undergraduate studies I was thriving for a new adventure and was very honored to be accepted into such a renowned program at Lingnan University in order to start my next chapter in life. Shortly after arriving in Hong Kong, I quickly became acclimated and immersed into the wide array of cultures the university hosts. I was astonished by the willingness of everyone to help including all of the students in the programme, the professors and the assistants in the MIBF office, making everything much easier to manage.

The MIBF programme demonstrates not only the theory and learning aspect of international banking and finance but also the application, through its extremely knowledgeable professors. The professors have an extensive background of professional experience with plenty of real life examples to share with the students that enables them to look at things in a perspective that they never would have previously. This also enables the students to gain an unprecedented worldwide intellect that will jump-start them into the career of their choice with a very confident mindset and plenty of financial expertise.

In addition to the ability of learning an unparalleled amount from the programme, students are also able to pick up on much more than that from their surroundings. This ranges from easy access to one of the biggest finance cities in the world to the variety of cultures they can learn about from a simple conversation with their classmates from all around the world. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a rewarding experience and look forward to the remainder of my time at Lingnan.



Mr. ZHAO Song
Senior Associate, Investment Product Settlement
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) Limited,
Graduate from Nankai University, China

Lingnan University is committed to providing Liberal Education. Before a new semester starting, MIBF program offers refresher courses to students who were not majored in Finance in previous study and helps them to build solid foundations for their further study in Economics and Finance. The program also provides a wide range of courses and flexible schedules so that I can choose my classes based on my interest during the first week at the beginning of the term.

All courses are endorsed by AACSB, which guarantees high education quality of the program. Staffs and professors are so nice and passionate, and I always have fun in the classes. In additional, several courses cover materials of the CFA examination, which releases our burden during the preparation of level 1 and level 2. Some projects require students to work as a team to do research and group presentations, which is a big challenging for me at beginning but a good and effective way to improve my academic performance and communication skills. This will help me succeed in my future life.

Although the campus is not very large and located a little far away to downtown, it provides elegant and peaceful study environment for students. And we can access to all kinds of facilities in the campus to enjoy substantial and pure campus life. I believe that studying in Lingnan University will be one of my perfect life experience, and I will harvest after one year’s study.



Ms. MA Minyi
Senior Wealth Planner and Management Associate
FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited, Hong Kong
Graduate from Sun Yat-sen University, China

Lingnan University which is famous for its liberal arts education ranks the second among the financial research institutions in HK, according to the government's recent report. So I was firstly excited to be enrolled in the program of MIBF. But what gave me more surprises later was its considerate arrangement for students, from giving refresher courses to holding orientation activities. The refresher courses are very useful, especially for those who transfer their majors. The courses will prove to be a good foundation for the students to go further in financial learning. The courses of the program cover a broad range of knowledge which are all essential in today's finance and banking industries. Many courses, such as corporate finance and investment, are also the required contents of some professional examinations (like CFP, CPA,etc). Therefore, the program can be a good preparation for the professional qualifications. The teachers here are friendly and knowledgeable. They will combine the theories and knowledge with their practical experience. The classes will focus on the most practical things that you will apply to your job in the future. Usually, students are required to make presentations or do projects either on his own or in a group. The assignment might be challenging but you will learn a lot from them. Firstly, you gain the professional knowledge about the courses and you know how to apply them to do related analysis; besides, your organizing ability, your communication skills, your language proficiency and your spirit of team work will be improved without doubt. These abilities that you build here should benefit the future. Last but not least, the environment and facilities of Lingnan University are excellent. It provides students many opportunities to develop their hobbies and live a healthy life. Joining the MIBF program on this beautiful campus, therefore, may lead to a good balance between a beneficial study and a positive life.



Mr. Michael Jeffrey WHITE
Treasury Analyst-Foreign Exchange and Commodity Risk Analyst
Cummins, Inc., USA
Graduate from Butler University, USA

Coming to Hong Kong was a new experience for me. I was far away from my home in the United States, engulfed in a new culture and surrounded by new people. While at first it was a bit scary, it quickly became home and Hong Kong embraced me as I embraced it. Lingnan University and the MIBF Programme played a large role in that as I was welcomed as one of its own. International is a word that is in the title of the MIBF Programme but is not used loosely, rather is a focal point of the program. Hong Kong is an international city, in particular in the banking and finance industry, and is essential to grasp this concept in the growing global economy. What I find important in the program is the transcendence of the international learning. The MIBF Programme accomplishes more than just learning about banking and finance with an international perspective. It also provides the opportunity to engage in learning outside the classroom as a myriad of different cultures mix together in the program and provides a platform for foreigners and locals to learn from each other, all while being situated in one of the truly international cities in the world. It is an experience that is difficult to replicate in a graduate program and one that I am happy to be a part.



Ms. Mariana Silva
Monterrey Institute of Technology, Mexico

The MIBF program at Lingnan University was an excellent experience because the knowledge gained in my courses was not limited to textbooks or the four walls of the classroom. I was privileged to have as teachers outstanding professionals in the financial sector who always enriched classes with examples of their respective fields. Lingnan University is concerned with maintaining an international environment even among their professors. Therefore I had a great exposure to different markets like Latin America, USA and of course Asia. This gave me a competitive advantage by learning different perspectives from the banking industry. Furthermore the MIBF program gave me the opportunity to make an internship in the international inancial center where I had the opportunity to live important economic events and utilize my knowledge gained during the semester. This resulted in a real job offer. Teachers and staff at Lingnan University are always willing to help advice and guide you in the best possible way. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any individual eager to enter the financial industry.



Mr. AKINCI, Metin Seren
Commercial Sales Manager
Akbank TAS, Turkey
Graduate from Istanbul University, Turkey

MIBF programme has introduced me to a whole new world of finance and economics that I had never imagined before. I have understood that opportunities of learning something new and improving my skills in the finance area are endless and also priceless. This programme is wisely combined with the academic fundamentals needed to explain the overall finance world and practical skills demanded by the employers in the business world. No other programmes in the world but those in Hong Kong could offer a curriculum that introduces the Chinese finance world in terms of international values combined with a local perspective. Distinguished lectures given by the visiting scholars and professionals from the finance world have helped me to develop a fresh mind to understand the changing and ever developing market and its needs. The MIBF faculty and staff have always encouraged students to participate in the lectures actively in order to improve their interaction with both the academic world and the professionals from the financial markets. This definitely helps MIBF students in their future career. By attending this programme I have also met many people from all over China, which I believe is one of the most valuable parts of my experience as a student at Lingnan University. Experiencing Chinese culture and people -- in literally one of the most beautiful cities in the world -- is priceless.



Mr. CHEN Hao
Vice President, Brokerage Sales
Citic Securities International Company Limited, Hong Kong
Graduate from Simon Fraser University, Canada

Lingnan's MIBF program is an excellent program for students that have passion in the financial services industry. It offers both fundamental courses and industry-practical lectures. Besides the financial courses, the program also teaches the big picture to its students in the advanced economic lectures. I personally learned a lot of things regarding accounting and corporate finance, as well as economic analysis in last year's study.
For those who want to prepare for professional qualifications, such as the CFA, a welcomed surprise is that a lot of Level I and Level II materials are covered in the program, which makes life a lot easier during the study. I also like the professors in the program. They are friendly and responsible toward students. They really make themselves available when students need them. Lingnan University is very quiet and peaceful and a good place for students to study, live and experience Hong Kong.



Mr. CHOW Yu Hang
Senior Java Developer
Desato Asia Limited, Hong Kong
Graduate from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong

As a computer science major, enrolling in a banking and finance-related master's degree is usually not possible. But Lingnan University's MIBF programme provided the opportunity to me. The programme provides four useful refresher courses to those students who do not have a relevant background for studying economics and finance at the graduate level. This eases the transition for an incoming student like me, who might otherwise struggle in some courses which feature unfamiliar material.
The MIBF programme is very serious in terms of teaching and attending to staff-student relations. It provided an incredibly long five-days orientation to students that covered everything an incoming MIBF student needs to know, including talks on related professional qualification, library tour, IT service, resume and academic writing, official welcome, high table lunch with senior teaching staff, and etc. For teaching, most of the teaching staff members are knowledgeable, nice and helpful.
The university is relatively small but quite compact. This makes the interaction among students and also the interaction between student and teaching staff closer and more frequent. According to my knowledge and experience, this is often not achievable for a larger-scale university.
Overall speaking, Lingnan's MIBF programme is an excellent choice for university graduates who want to further their studies in banking and finance. I am confident to say that you will not regret to study in the MIBF programme.



Mr. CHIU Ka Ho
Binghamton University, USA

Lingnan University is a well-established and prestigious college in Hong Kong and it was great to get accepted into the Master of International Banking and Finance (MIBF) program because of its quality of the courses and professors. The program offers a wide variety of courses which strengthen my economics and finance background. In addition, it provides an international prospect which is the core of the program, so that students are well-prepared for the fast-changing finance industry. Besides the courses, the professors are also the appeal of the program. The professors are very helpful and motivating. They are willing to help and always inspire us to think in different angles. Furthermore, their working experiences in the business world also turn this program into a priceless learning experience. As the MIBF program has such a good quality of courses and professors, this program is a must for students who are pursuing their careers in the finance and banking.



Mr. GUO Ji
Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China

After working for three years, I have become more and more interested in finance and hoped to work in the financial industry, so I wish to upgrade my knowledge of finance through a short-term programme. It is very lucky for me to find the Master of Science in International Banking and Finance programme (MIBF) in Lingnan University and become a member of it. I was attracted by the programme structure.

The well-designed curriculum makes it possible for MIBF programme to meet the needs of different students who have different educational backgrounds. The programme provides four useful preparatory courses to help those students who do not have a relevant background in economics and finance to learn the basis of them for the further study. It also provides an elaborate five-day orientation at the beginning of the programme to assist students to prepare for the future study and work. There are many different elective courses for students to choose from, so students will have the flexibility to customize the study plan according to their educational background and interest.

Teachers of the programme are always ready to help every student with their greatest patience, and whether you have good basis of finance or not, you will have the teachers' attentive guide. What is more, the MIBF programme will also invite some successful people and famous professors to share with the students their working experience and the latest research findings in financial industry, which will be benefit for students who want to get a good job or do academic researches. If you are interested in finance and want to improve your understanding of it, MIBF of Lingnan University will be your best choice.



Ms. Ho Suk Kwan Emma
Executive Assistant
Gen2 Partners Ltd, Hong Kong
Graduate from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong

MIBF is a one year full-time course in Hong Kong incorporating both banking and finance course. I decided to take the challenge by quitting my job in the private banking field to grasp my knowledge in the year.
The five-days orientation programme just before the semester provided students with background from different professional bodies relate to the banking & finance sector, this is clearly a cornerstone for career planning.
The courses were quite intensive and there were plentiful of group assignments and presentations to prepare. All of these were very inspirational as you were given opportunities to prioritize your tasks and to mingle with classmates from different backgrounds and origins for discussion.
There were a variety of subjects to choose for the electives ranging from Law; I.T.; Financial Econometric; Derivatives and Risk Management etc. You can select what you are interested on. "Selected Topics in Banking and Finance" is one which I really recommend because many outside professional speakers are invited to discuss start up financing and current issues like Islamic Finance; brokerage operation process.
The campus is not big, but it is cosy. Professors are very experienced and helpful, they are very pleasant to answer your questions and share their experience. There are activities like BBQ/hiking that align the relationship between students and professes and faculty members. I do encourage students to learn hard and play hard because life is not just about work, you have to make a balance of life, which in turn will make you learn/work harder.
MIBF is a great master program that I would recommend, theories that I learn from Fixed Income Securities; economic thinking encouraged from professors at the course of International Money and Finance; basic concepts learned from Investment Theory and Applications: all of these are especially useful for me when I get back into the banking field again.



Mr. LIU Ping
PHD student in Finance and Research Assistant at College of Business
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA
Graduate from Shandong University, China

I came to Lingnan in summer 2006 with a little confusion and hesitation. But once I came to the campus, and encountered our professors, I was deeply impressed by their consideration, patience and fidelity to their academic courses. They are devoted to daily teaching work just to make sure that each of us can gain something meaning from classes. Besides, it is two outstanding faculties at department of economics who elicit my passion and enthusiasm to academic research. Through working with the outstanding professors in the department of economics, I encountered with the gorgeous yet previously mysterious academic world of economics and finance. What is more, through both in and out class learning, I have mastered the basic ability essential for doing academic work, extracting essence from forerunners' literature, data collection and processing, together with lively econometric applications, most important, the logical thinking and perseverance in research work. One year of study not only enriches my horizon of the cutting-edge knowledge in finance area, but also equips me with the necessary skills for pursuing further studies as s research student.



Ms. Shen Yu, Crystal
Senior Consultant
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Hong Kong
Graduate from Dong Hua University, China

With the hope to gain and consolidate my knowledge in the field of banking and finance, I came to Lingnan University in the summer of 2010, pursuing the degree of Master of Science in International Banking and Finance (MIBF) and which turned to out be one of the wisest decisions in my life.
For students who have no relevant background in economics and finance, the MIBF programme has provided some preparatory courses to help us acquire the fundamental economics and finance knowledge for the main programme. The well-designed curriculum of the programme is made up by core courses and elective courses. The core courses can help us well establish the foundation and big picture of the banking and finance field while the elective courses can be chosen according to our personal interests.
The teaching style is also attractive and exciting. Apart from the lectures given by professors, there are many group projects which can encourage team work and cooperation between group members and can also improve our presentation skills. I can still remember those fresh ideas sparkled by the heated discussion as well as the sense of accomplishment after a successful presentation.
The instructors are kind, patient and always willing to encourage students to participate in the class. They are not only professors from academic field but also professionals from the financial industry which offer us the precious opportunity to know about the real world beyond the theoretical study.
After one year of study, graduates from the programme are well equipped to pursue their careers in the banking and finance industry and also prepared to further their studies for doctorial degrees in the related field.



Ms. Wang Xiaoman, Sophie
International Settlement Clerk
Bangkok Bank (China) Company Limited, China
Graduate from Xiamen University, China

In retrospect, entering MIBF, Lingnan University is one of my best choices that I have ever made. Though one year past quickly, the time spent in MIBF was cherishable. The MIBF program in Lingnan University has professional professors, scientific courses design, a lot of courses choices, as well as favorable study environment and facilities. In this program, I fully learnt what I want to learn based on a variety of courses which cover various areas about finance, such as banking sector and securities sector.

As to the teaching quality, professors in this program are not only professional but also approachable and responsible. They are always ready and kind to help students. Thus, students always can communicate well with professors in time. The design of the course provides students lots of opportunities of public speaking and self-expression. It greatly enhanced our job hunting after graduation.

Besides, MIBF creates an environment that students can share knowledge and help together. Students can really make friends with each other.

During this year, I have obtained a lot in my studies, life and friendship. It is a year of all kinds of harvest. I am grateful that I have made the right choice to join this big MIBF family.



Lecturer in Economics and Finance
Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
Graduate from Middlesex University, UK

An old Chinese proverb says: "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." I strongly believe that the best place to obtain this treasure is the MIBF programme at Lingnan University, where I acquired an invaluable platform for the start of my academic career.

Having lived and travelled worldwide, I thrive in the rich international environment that Lingnan University has cultivated. Lingnan is a relatively small institution where one can fully appreciate the feeling of being a part of "one big family." Having spent my 2nd year of undergraduate study at Lingnan, I had no difficulties when it came to choice where to do my master's degree.

Hong Kong is a place where "East meets West" a "Gates to Mainland China" and an international hub for banking and finance. As such it is a perfect location for anyone willing to work for financial institutions.

At MIBF you can enjoy a wide range of courses; from broader one like Corporate Finance to much more specific Fixed Income Securities or Derivatives and Risk Management. The professors here are always open to discussion and strive to equip students with the most up-to-date knowledge.

The Department of Economics here is one of the best in Hong Kong in terms of research quality which is of utmost importance for anyone wishing to pursue MPhil or PhD degree.

Furthermore each year MIBF offers a number of scholarships fully covering tuition fee and a cost of live in Hong Kong. Thanks to this generosity one can fully focus on studying without needless distractions.



Ms. XIAO xiaozongzi
Senior Manager, the Head Office of VIP Client Department
Industrial Bank Co. Ltd., China
Graduate from Fudan University, China

Almost three years' work experience at bank makes me love this area very much, and meanwhile I realize that I need more professional knowledge and training about finance because of my mathematics undergraduate background. Then I decided to come to Hong Kong which is the famous financial center of the world, and join this MIBF program offered by Lingnan University.
The strong academic and multi-cultural atmosphere gave me deep impression when I first came here. Teachers are amiable and critical to serious attitude towards academic research. In class, they teach patiently in order to make sure that each of us can catch up with the courses, as well as probe into the latest financial news. In particular, some courses are very close and helpful to the CFA exam which is a very competitive pass to work in the field of banking and finance. Here classmates warmly help each other wherever you came from. In the process of exchange, you can expand horizons and understand more about the life and way of thinking in different countries and regions.
The MIBF program is a leading program. It will provide you a full range of financial analyses competencies and enable you to develop finance skills in an integrated approach with other business functions. Studying here, you can better apply theory to practice and will obtain concrete real-world banking experiences in the finance world and learn the perspective and visions of the Hong Kong financial industry.
Joining the MIBF program is a smart decision for me and I believe that it will make a great impact on my future career.



Mr. YONG Zhuanghua
University of Liverpool, UK

Hong Kong is an international city which involves both traditional cultures from China and modern cultures from the western world. Studying in Hong Kong could be a very wonderful way to enlarge our visions and help us to enrich ourselves.
Before coming to the MIBF program in Lingnan University, I was studying in the UK as an international student. In my final year, my professor told me the MIBF program in Lingnan University is really fit for me because he thinks studying in Hong Kong makes me more competitive in the future if I want to find a job in China.
After one year study, I found that I had made a good choice. Life in Lingnan is wonderful. I learnt not only professional knowledge in classes, but also life skills after class. Knowledge from text books is important, but learning how to learn and think, and how to solve problems, is the most important gain in this past year's study. Many people may think that the teaching styles in Hong Kong universities are similar to those applied in the UK. But compared with the UK, the teaching styles used by the professors in Lingnan University impress me more due to their hard working attitudes. MIBF teachers do care about their students and they enjoy communicating with students; they like listening to our ideas and sharing their experiences with us. I really appreciate their work because they designed every lesson carefully, listened to every question carefully and tried their best to solve our problems. Actually, one year of study is not very long, but we are now able have a good performance in any financial institution that might endeavor to hire us because we know how to take new information and apply it to our new responsibilities.
Lingnan University is a good place for study because there are many friends from all over the world. We always share our experience and happiness together. In addition, our professors often invite their friends who have great experience from many different famous financial institutions to give us some practical knowledge. The classes featured in the MIBF program have really helped us develop some general concepts of the real financial market. Now we are masters but we are still on the first step of the ladder; we still have lots to learn, but we are ready for any competitions in the future.



Ms. ZHAO Zhejin
Xaimen University , China

In the summer of 2009 I came to HK, met Lingnan for the first time and continued to chase my dream. During one year's experience in Lingnan, I find I fall in love with this place. MIBF provides me a new picture I never met before. Here I learned not only a lot of meaningful and useful knowledge in the finance field, but very practical skills which I can put into my future job. Also here I encounter another kind of culture which mixes traditional Chinese and modern Western styles. In this case I believe that studying in HK is a wonderful experience for me.

In class, I was influenced by the knowledgeable professors, and also by their friendly and patient attitude. Their teaching style is also impressing—group projects and personal essays expand my academic knowledge, and the experience sharing in so many lectures by scholars from various branches of finance area helps me combine the academic world with the real, competitive and perspective world. Teachers here all care about what students think so that they design a very flexible curriculum for us to choose for our own development. For details, several courses cover the materials in the CFA examination, which makes my life much happier and easier during the preparation of level I.

I also appreciate all the people I met here, together with whom I spent a joyful and great time. Choosing Lingnan and Hong Kong is a decision I have never regretted.



Mr. ZHENG Weida
Sun Yat-sen University, China

Pursuing my dream in Hong Kong and studying in the MIBF Program is really an important step in my life. I was so impressed by the professors, not only just the research abilities, but also the unique teaching skills and friendly attitude. This program offered a wide range of courses, from the basic economic theory to the econometrics, which gave me much more choices based on my interests and broadened my horizons at the same time.
After graduated from this program and according to the Immigration Arrangement for Non-local Graduates(IANG) from Immigration Department in HK, Non-local fresh graduates who wish to apply to stay and work in the HKSAR are not required to secure an offer of employment upon application. We can be granted 12 months' stay on time limitation without other conditions of stay. This is really a bonus and right now I have found a job in the front office of a brokerage firm and thanks to the extensive training in this program, I had a deep and broad understanding of different financial products and can handled my job much more easily.
I also appreciate the close relationship with the professors and classmates here. Lingnan is truly a small but warm family for all the students.