Tuition and Estimated Expenses


Generally speaking, you continue to pay tuition to your home institution. For other mandatory fees such as hostel fee, the arrangement will be subject to the agreement signed between Lingnan and your home institution.

Estimate of Monthly Living Expenses

The following monthly expenses might serve as a general guideline:


Amount of Estimated Monthly Expenses (in HKD) Amount of Estimated Monthly Expenses (in USD)


$3,000 - 3,500

$386 - 450


$500 - 1,000

$64 - 129

Transportation (Local)

$800 - 1,200

$103 - 154


$500 - 1,000

$64 - 129


$4,800 - 6,700

$617 - 862

Your expenses depend on your personal eating style, shopping habits and entertainment preferences. The expense on purchase of books is considered limited. Textbooks are generally not required in many classes, as you are normally assigned readings from books borrowed from the library. There are also no laboratory fees. However, it is advisable to allow an estimate of US$100-US$150 for books per term.

Currency Exchange Rate

The Hong Kong Dollar is pegged to the U.S. Dollar at a rate of HK$7.78 to US$1, although the rate varies slightly. Please check the latest currency exchange rates.

Arrangements upon Arrival

New incoming students are required to

  • report to OGE upon arrival (normally one week before the start of classes). OGE will provide pick-up services on designated dates upon request.
  • attend the Orientation Programme
  • settle down in student hostels

Arrival Pick-up Service

Meeting Lingnan Representatives

Arrival pick-up services will be provided for non-local students at the following ports of entry on designated dates:


Exchange Students for Sumemr 2018 Exchange Students for Fall 2018 Exchange Students for Spring 2019


Session 1:
28 May 2018
Session 2:
28 June 2018
Session 3:
19 July 2018

14- 15 August 2018 14- 15 January 2019

of Entry

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

East Rail Line - Fanling Railway Station

East Rail Line - Fanling Railway Station


East Rail Line - Hung Hom Railway Station