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List of Programmes

Lingnan University offers the following research postgraduate programmes at master's (Master of Philosophy, MPhil) and/or doctoral level (Doctor of Philosophy, PhD):

Faculty of Arts
MPhil/PhD in Chinese
MPhil/PhD in Cultural Studies
MPhil/PhD in English
MPhil/PhD in History 
MPhil/PhD in Philosophy     
MPhil/PhD in Translation                              
MPhil/PhD in Visual Studies

Faculty of Business
MPhil/PhD in Business (including Accounting, Decision Sciences, Finance, Information Systems Management, Insurance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Operations Management)

Faculty of Social Sciences

MPhil/PhD in Economics
MPhil/PhD in Political Science
MPhil/PhD in Psychology
MPhil/PhD in Sociology and/or Social Policy*

Science Unit

MPhil in Environmental Science


Programmes in Collaboration with Overseas Universities
From the 2021 intake, the University also offers the following in collaboration with overseas universities:
Please click on the names above for programme/collaboration details and application procedures.

Both MPhil and PhD programmes lead to in-depth study in specific research areas.

The University recruits mainly full-time students. As the University Grants Committee no longer funds new part-time students from 2009-10, part-time students have to be self-financed.

* Admittees of MPhil/PhD Sociology and/or Social Policy programme will be invited to opt for a programme title of 'MPhil/PhD Sociology', 'MPhil/PhD Social Policy' or 'MPhil/PhD Sociology and Social Policy' in consultation with the Supervisor.


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