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Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life

Graduate Attributes



With a prestigious history dating back to its original establishment in 1888 in Guangzhou, China, Lingnan University (LU) is the only liberal arts university in Hong Kong emphasising both the merits and close interrelationship of teaching and research. Like many American liberal arts colleges and the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK, LU believes that the ethos of liberal arts education requires limited student numbers and an intimate campus setting.

For postgraduates, student-centred learning, one of the key values of liberal arts education, ensures close and supportive thesis supervision, while at the same time encouraging candidates to exercise intellectual creativity in their research endeavours.

For research postgraduate programmes, Lingnan graduates are expected to possess the following attributes in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude:

  • systematic understanding of a field or fields of scholarship
  • original contributions to the field
  • competence in research and analysis
  • ability to critically assess intellectual claims, theories and arguments
  • capacity to produce a thesis that contributes to the knowledge and understanding of the field of learning within which the subject of the thesis falls*
  • commitment to applying the knowledge acquired in the chosen field and conducting further research in an ethical and socially responsible manner


* the MPhil thesis shall represent a worthwhile contribution while the PhD thesis shall represent a substantial original contribution