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Teaching and Learning Centre

Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme (TEAS)

The Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme (TEAS) was introduced to Lingnan University in 1996. The scheme is to recognize and reward distinguished teachers who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching.

Teaching Excellence Awards Scheme (TEAS)

The Centre supports the implementation of TEAS which aims to recognize and reward academic colleagues who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching.

TEAS awardees, Certificate of Merit and Outstanding Teaching Award for Early Career Faculty

Years Round TEAS Awardees Certificate of Merit Outstanding Teaching Award
for Early Career Faculty
2019/2020 13th Prof. CHOU Ai-ling Grace
(Department of History)
Prof. LEE Lap Fai Alan
(Department of Applied Psychology)
The Cultural Studies Team:
(Department of Cultural Studies)


  • Prof. LAU Kin Chi
    (Team Leader)
  • Ms. AU YEUNG Lai Seung
  • Ms. JIN Peiyun
  • Mr. LEE Kiu Chi
  • Dr. YAN Xiaohui 
(Department of Translation)
Prof. LUN Miu Chi Vivian
(Department of Applied Psychology)
Prof. WHITTEN Gregory
(Department of Economics)
The Office of Service-Learning Team:


  • Prof. KO Wing Yin Albert
    (Team Leader)
  • Dr. AROKIARAJ Aloysius Wilfred Raj
  • Prof. FONG Jonathan 
  • Dr. VAN HOLSTEIJN Jasper 
  • Dr. XIAO Chong Zoe


Dr. HAN Peng
(Department of Accountancy)
2017/2018 12th Prof. HIRADHAR Preet
(Department of English)Mr. LEBANE Marc
(Centre for English and Additional Languages)Prof. WHITLA Paul
(Department of Marketing and International Business)The Finance Team:
(Department of Finance and Insurance)


  • Prof. WONG Man Lai Sonia
    (Team Leader)
  • Prof. CHENG Joseph
  • Prof. POON Pui Han Winnie
  • Prof. WEI Lai
  • Prof. ZHAO Xiaofeng


Prof. CHEN Yu Jen
(Department of Marketing and International Business)Dr. TANG Lili
(Chinese Language Education and Assessment Centre)Prof. WONG Vincent
(Department of Marketing and International Business)
Prof. BURAK HO Esra
(Department of Sociology and Social Policy)
Distinguished Teacher Award
Prof. WHITLA Paul
(Department of Marketing and International Business)
2015/2016 11th Prof. CHEN Hon Fai
(Department of Sociology and Social Policy)Prof. HO Hung Lam, Elizabeth
(Department of English)Prof. WONG Hiu Kan, Ada
(Department of Marketing and International Business)
Prof. CHANG Nam Fung
(Department of Translation) Dr. SIU Yau Ho
(Department of Chinese)  
Prof. CHIU Wai Wai
(Department of Philosopy) 
2013/2014 10th Prof. KWONG Yim-tze Charles
He is also the recipient of UGC Teaching Award 2014Prof. HAMPTON Mark
(History)Mr. LEBANE Marc
(Marketing and International Business) 
Prof. ARCHER Carol
(Visual Studies)Prof. LIANG Liping
(Computing and Decision Sciences)Dr.MA Maopeng
(CLEAC)Prof. PENG Ling
(Marketing and International Business)
Master Teacher AwardProf. LAU Yin-ping Grace
2011/2012 9th Dr. FICHTER James Robert
(History)Dr. LAU Yin-ping Grace
(Chinese)Dr. WONG Shuk-han Mary
Prof. KWONG Yim-tze Charles
(Translation/Chinese)Dr. LI Fei 
(CLEAC)Dr. WAN Chun-ying Lisa
(Marketing and International Business)
Dr. HO Ka-ki, Lawrence
(Political Science)
2009/2010 8th Dr. CHAN Hau-nung Annie
(Sociology and Social Policy)Dr. WHITLA Paul
(Marketing and International Business)Prof. XU Zi-dong
Mr. HAN De-zhi
(CLEAC)Ms. LUO Kim-wan Rebecca
(Accountancy)Ms. PANG Lai-king Rebecca
Dr. CHOU Ai-ling Grace
2007/2008 7th Dr. LAU Yin-ping Grace
(Chinese) [Special Award]Dr. HSU Tzu-pin
(Chinese)Dr. KWONG Yim-tze Charles
(Chinese/Translation)Dr. WONG Yeuk-ha Brossa
Dr. CHAN Wai-ying
(Chinese)Dr. LAW Suk-mun Sophia
(Philosophy)Dr. LENG Ming-ming
(Computing & Decision Sciences)Dr. SIMMONS Richard
(Accountancy)Prof. ZHOU Lianxi
(Marketing and International Business)
2005/2006 6th Dr. CHAN Hau-nung Annie
(Politics and Sociology)Ms. CHANG Ching-mei Irene
(CLEAC)Ms. PANG Lai-king Rebecca
(ELEAC)Dr. SI TOU Sau-ieng
Dr. SIMMONS Richard Stanley
(Accountancy)Prof. SESARDIC Neven
(Philosophy)Ms. LAW Lai-yi Lilian
(ELEAC)Dr. CHOU Ai-ling Grace
2003/2004 5th Prof.
EOYANG Eugene Chen
(English)Dr. LAU Yin-ping Grace
(Chinese)Ms. WU Wai-yiu
Dr. CHAN Hau-nung Annie
(Politics and Sociology)Prof. CHAN Cheung-ming Alfred
(Politics and Sociology)Dr. LO Kit-hung
2001/2002 4th Dr. LI Dong-hui
(Translation)Dr. RAN Jimmy
Dr. CHEN Shimin
(Accounting and Finance)Prof. GOATLY Andrew Peter
(English)Dr. KWONG Yim-tze Charles
(Translation)Ms. LAI Sui-yee Rachel
1999/2000 3rd Prof. LEUNG Ping-kwan
(Chinese)Dr. CHONG Yau-yuk
(Translation)Dr. CHAN Shun-hing
(Cultural Studies)
Dr. LAU Yin-pang Grace
(Chinese)Ms. PANG Lai-king Rebecca
(ELEAC)Dr. WONG Mei-ling May
1997/1998 2nd Ms. CHEN Hua-ling
(Language Centre)Mr. LAU Kwok-fai
(Marketing)Prof. XU Zi-dong


Ms. LAU Kin-chi
(Translation)Ms. TANG Mo-lin Moureen