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Utilising Video to Enhance Students Through a Blended Learning Approach


LCE3300 Students 2016/17

Marc LeBane, Senior Lecturer & ELSS Coordinator at the Centre for English & Additional Languages has continuously looked for ways to incorporate a variety of sources to enhance students learning.

For the past ten (10) years, he has utilized videotaping in his LCE3300 Public Speaking & Presentation course to help facilitate the way he keeps track of his students’ learning progress and instils in them a sense of self-enhancement. The objective is to cultivate students’ “self-awareness”, where students are allowed and encouraged to learn from their mistakes.

Morgane Informative I

Morgane Informative I

Morgane Informative II

Morgane Informative II

In this public speaking class, not only do students acquire and demonstrate a variety of outcomes-based skill sets via four equally assessed speeches, but each speech is videotaped and uploaded onto a private YouTube channel in which each presenter must review and provide a self-evaluation in front of the entire class in another short mini-presentation, commenting both on their presentation skill sets and making their own recommendations for improvements in a step-by-step manner.  Additionally, their peers provide instantaneous feedback via Twitter and also provide further recommendations and suggestions to the presenter on the YouTube Channel.

Student Feedback on Morgane Informative II


Using this model, 80-90% of the time students themselves have identified the key issues or problem areas they need to improve upon. This formula has been shown to both improve student awareness and provide a clear learning curve which they can look back on: from speech one to speech four students can easily track changes in their performance.

LCE3300 Students 2016/17

Student Feedback

“I learned a lot. It was very useful, and I feel like I can use this information in many aspects of my life.”

“I really like the fact the course revolves around personal development, and I really think that it has helped me become a better speaker.”

“The teacher is great, and the course is really useful.  The school should definitely promote it more to students so that more people can enjoy this fun and cool course.”

“Excellent class! I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their public speaking & presentation skills.”

“An interesting and challenging course for us to get feedback and improve ourselves.”

“The professor is by far one of the best professors that I ever had during my life. I always had problems in morning classes, but this class was a motivation for me and I didn’t miss any.”