The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Additional Languages Courses (Free Electives)

Course Code Course Name Credits Offered in Course Outline Proposal on Final Grades
FRE1101 French (Beginner Level) 0 Term 1 & 2
FRE1102 French I 3 Term 1 & 2
FRE1202 French II 3 Term 2
JAP1101 Japanese (Beginner Level) 0 Term 1 & 2, Summer
JAP1201 Japanese (Post-Beginner Level) 0 Term 2
JAP1301 Japanese (Intermediate Level) 0 Term 2
JAP1102 Japanese I 3 Term 1
JAP1202 Japanese II 3 Term 2
JAP1302 Japanese III 3 Term 1
KOR1101 Korean (Beginner Level) 0 Term 1 & 2, Summer
KOR1201 Korean (Post-Beginner Level) 0 Term 2
KOR1301 Korean (Intermediate Level) 0 Term 1
KOR1102 Korean I 3 Term 1, Summer
KOR1202 Korean II 3 Term 2
SPA1101 Spanish (Beginner Level) 0 Term 1 & 2, Summer
SPA1201 Spanish (Post-Beginner Level) 0 Term 2
SPA1102 Spanish I 3 Term 1, Summer
SPA1202 Spanish II 3 Term 2


1. To enroll in Post-Beginner or Level II courses without having passed Beginner or Level I courses respectively, students are required to pass a language test in week 1;
2. There is a HKD$900 course fee for non credit-bearing courses;
3. Students are not permitted to take any non credit-bearing course AND its equivalent credit-bearing course, whether concurrently or in succession; they must choose one or the other. If a student is subsequently found to have acquired additional credits by this means, an "F" grade will be given for the course.
4. For more information on the differences between non credit-bearing and credit-bearing courses, please click here.

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