The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Free Electives

Course Code Course Name Credits Course Outline
LUE3001 Introduction to Creative Writing 3
LUE3002 PLATFORMx – A 21st Century Medium of Communication 3
LUE3003 Improving English Pronunciation Through Text Performance 3
LUE3004 IELTS Preparation 3
LUE3005 English for Intercultural and International Communication 3
LCE3300 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills 3
LCE3301 Thinking through English 3
LCE3302 English Skills for Employment 3
LCE3304 English through Language Arts 3
LCE3305 Academic Writing in English 3
LCE3306 Oral and Written English for Effective Communication 3
LCE3307 News and Views 3