The Liberal Art University in Hong Kong

Common English Courses

The Common English Courses aim to:

  1. consolidate and enhance students' ability to gain knowledge and information through reading and listening to English texts and to express students' ideas, thoughts, opinions and knowledge through speaking and writing in English;
  2. prepare students for dealing effectively with their academic studies while at University;
  3. equip students with the necessary English language skills for their immediate and future academic and professional development;
  4. foster and cultivate an awareness of students' own proficiency levels in the four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing) as well as in grammar and vocabulary;
  5. introduce students to concepts, skills and techniques necessary for learning and improving their language skills independently in preparation for life-long language learning, and;
  6. help students to communicate in English with an increased ability to think logically and critically as part of the liberal arts education.

Courses offered:

  1. University English I (LUE1001)
  2. University English II (LUE1002)
  3. Professional Communication in English for Arts & Humanities (LUE4001)
  4. Professional Communication in English for Business (LUE4002)
  5. Professional Communication in English for Social Sciences (LUE4003)