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List of equipment to SEN students in Library & ITSC
Equipment List to SEN students
in Library & ITSC


Braille Display Braille Display

Braille Display is an electro-mechanical device for displaying braille characters which helps students to use braille characters to read contents from computers.
Demonstration Video  Script PDF
Braille Mini Writer Braille Mini Writer

Braille Mini Writer helps to store braille characters into USB and is used as a portable unit.
Demonstration Video  Script PDF
cctv Merlin Elite HD/OCR 24” CCTV

Merlin Elite HD/OCR 24" CCTV helps to enlarge books/texts for reading, and the OCR and text-to-speech allow users to listen to the texts.
Video Maunal Video   Script PDF
ViewPlus Cub Embosser (Max)

ViewPlus Cub Embosser (Max)

ViewPlus Cub Embosser (Max) helps to print braille characters to normal A4 papers.


Video Maunal Video    Script PDF
A3 Book Scanner A3 Book Scanner 

which helps to scan for OCR and use with any text-to-speech software
Demonstration Video   Script PDF
3M Polarizing Light 3M Polarizing Light
with a special type of lamp for better lighting effect.
Demonstration Video   Script PDF
Height Adjustable Table Height Adjustable Tables
whose height is adjustable for wheelchairs with different height levels.
​Demonstration Video   Script PDF
Flexi Monitor Arms Flexi Monitor Arms
which facilitates putting computer monitors in different positions and angles.
​Demonstration Video   Script PDF
JAWS JAWS (“Job Access With Speech”) 

JAWS is a computer screen reader programme for Microsoft Windows that allows blind or visually-impaired users to read the screen with either text-to-speech output or a refreshable Braille display.
​Video Maunal Video   Script PDF
NVDA NVDA - Hong Kong Version
which helps to turn words in computer screens to voice or braille.
​Video Maunal Video   Script PDF
BRITE BRITE ("Braille Instant Translation and Editing")

BRITE is a multi-functional Braille translation editing programme which allows people to easily perform two-way instant translation between Braille and regular texts. It provides great convenience for people with visual impairment to read and write, hence helps them overcome the obstacles in learning, employment and daily communication.
​Video Maunal Video   Script PDF
Zoom Text Magnifer and Reader ZoomText Magnifier
which helps to enlarge texts in computer screens, much more professional than the Windows built-in Magnifier.
​Video Maunal Video   Script PDF