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Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative - Humanitarian Technology

About Humanitarian Technology (HT)


UV-C disinfection lightsThe LEI’s Project Ultra Violite has provided free
disinfection service to about 1,000 underprivileged
households during the pandemic

Technology has been the primary driver of change since prehistoric times. Technology has made yesterday’s laborious processes simpler; yesterday’s expensive processes cheaper; and yesterday’s technology has been the foundation for today’s breakthroughs. Although modern technology is omnipresent in the developed world, even simple technology which has the potential to transform billions of lives has not reached most people on planet earth.

The focus of humanitarian technology is to make technology accessible to the billions who lack them, to innovate processes to remove bottlenecks that hinder socio-economic development, and above all explore the most sustainable form of deployment of these technologies so that it satisfies people’s basic needs.


Summer Academy

Students went to Cambodia to work on a poverty
alleviation project for small scale farmers in 
Kampong Cham province

Lingnan Entrepreneurship Initiative (LEI) develops various local & overseas programs to bring students into the field and tackle real-world social issues by collaborating with local communities in need. The team also introduces opportunities for students to learn and leverage mature technology to solve humanitarian challenges. For instance, the development of transparent mask helps to remove the barriers in communication for the hearing-impaired during the pandemic, while Project Ultra Violite develops UV-C disinfection lights and provides reliable and effective disinfection services to lower the infection risk of partitioned units and to help residents clean their homes so that they can focus on making a living during the economically challenging time.

A full list of humanitarian technology projects can be found here.

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