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Teaching and Learning Centre

Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP)

The Learning and Teaching Development Programme (LTDP) is a work-based professional development programme for higher education professionals, PhD students and graduates, newly hired university educators and others interested in enriching their teaching and development experiences at Lingnan University.  The 7 LTDP study units are tailored to help participants quickly adapt to a Liberal Arts context and are arranged into workshop/ seminars that are interactive and will reflect good practice to encourage innovative and creative strategies in teaching and learning. 


LTDP Unit 1: A Framework for success: Learning and teaching at Lingnan

LTDP Unit 2: Teaching & learning: Active learning approaches

LTDP Unit 3: Outcome-based Approach to Teaching and Learning (OBATL):
Creating an accountable learning environment

LTDP Unit 4: Innovative learning & teaching: Creating an IT-supported lesson (I)

LTDP Unit 5: Innovative learning & teaching: Creating an IT-supported lesson (II)

LTDP Unit 6: Internationalisation: Enriching students’ international and intercultural experience

LTDP Unit 7: Win-win strategy: Creating a collaborative learning environment and beyond

Programme Details:

Programme schedule