The Way Forward

This strategic plan reflects Lingnan’s commitment to the provision of quality liberal arts education in Hong Kong through excellence in teaching, research and services. The University’s primary goals in the coming years are to first, ensure that it equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge that enable them to become leaders and global citizens who will continue to contribute to an increasingly complex society and secondly, to produce research that will make an impact on both academia and society in general. This forward-looking plan is a blueprint for Lingnan’s future development, and the various Faculties, departments and units of the University will seek to develop strategies in support of the vision, missions and aspirations presented in this plan.

In 2017, Lingnan will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its founding as a higher education institution in Hong Kong. With the support and concerted efforts of its stakeholders and building on its successes to date, in its next 50 years the University will be well positioned to achieve an even greater level of excellence and distinction in the higher education arena locally, regionally and internationally.