Executive Summary

Formulation of the Plan

Lingnan has developed a strategic plan for 2016-2022 with the intent of steering the University to the next level of excellence. In its formulation, the University has examined the challenges and opportunities Lingnan faces, the 2014 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) results, the 2016-19 Academic Development Proposals (ADPs) exercise and outcomes, the preparation for the 2016 Quality Assurance Council (QAC) audit and the subsequent audit report. This plan addresses the educational needs of present and future generations, with reference to a recommendation on the formulation of strategic plans in the Newby Report on university governance and University Grants Committee (UGC) members’ feedback on Lingnan’s broad strategic directions during their campus visit on 21 April 2016. The University has also taken on board a suggestion made by the UGC Task Force on Implementation of Governance Report Recommendations (TFGov) in July 2016 that the new plan be drawn on a six-year cycle to better align with the ADP cycle (namely each triennium for three years and six years for two trienniums). Thus, this new plan will span the period from 2016 to 2022.

Key Strategic Areas

With the goal of becoming a leading liberal arts university in Asia, Lingnan is determined to build on its existing achievements while being cognizant of its challenges and inadequacies. In line with the revised vision and mission statements, five areas have been identified for strategic development:

  1. Academic Development and Research
  2. Student Development
  3. Campus Development
  4. Institutional Advancement
  5. Sub-degree and Continuing Education

Highlights of the Plan

Patrick Lee Wan Keung Academic Building
  • Capitalising on the growing interest in liberal arts education in Asia and Lingnan's liberal arts branding, the University will jointly offer a global elite liberal arts programme for top students in Asia with eminent partner universities.
  • The University endeavours to enhance its undergraduate students' language proficiency so that they are equipped to meet their learning and working needs.
  • The University will collaborate with leading universities or institutions in the region and beyond to offer strategic regional or international masters and doctoral programmes. This joint effort is catalytic in enhancing Lingnan's research culture and training, while advancing its scholarly achievements.
  • Lingnan will consolidate its research strengths and forge closer ties with eminent universities and institutions in promoting regional and international cooperation in attaining research excellence and the internationalisation of student learning.
  • The University will strive to empower students in defining and pursuing their goals.
  • The University will continue to enhance its quality in teaching and learning with supportive infrastructures and policies conducive to the pursuit of scholarly and pedagogical excellence.
  • The University will strengthen its brand recognition by promoting the value of liberal arts education through its achievements as a high quality liberal arts university in Asia.
  • In respect of the provision of sub-degree and continuing education, the University will focus on vocationally-oriented programmes designed to meet Hong Kong's changing manpower needs.