Key Strategic Areas, Goals and Initiatives

3 Campus Development

The University strives to provide a supportive learning environment, with adequate resources and an appropriate infrastructure to facilitate quality research, teaching and learning. To plan and address the need for space and facilities, the University will initiate a review of the campus master plan to ensure that the campus and its facilities are in support of the University's vision and missions in the long term. Within this strategic area, the University will undertake the following projects aimed at developing more space and facilities in addition to renovating existing premises:

  • Launch the construction of staff quarters for facilitating closer staff-student interaction, staff retention and recruitment, and the long-term financial sustainability of the University
  • Build a Multimedia Black Box Theatre for enriching the cultural and artistic life on campus
  • Facilitate better space utilisation and upgrade the information technology infrastructure in the Library for promoting collaborative learning, an enhancing learning experience, and serving students with special education needs
  • Renovate and better utilise the ITSC office space for more effective workflow arrangements
  • Increase the number of apartments for visiting professors and scholars in the Visitors Quarters through remodeling the existing units