Key Strategic Areas, Goals and Initiatives

4 Institutional Advancement

Wong Administration Building

Lingnan has a long history of providing quality and distinctive higher education in Hong Kong. In the coming years, Lingnan will continue to promote the value of liberal arts education and its overall reputation and identity. To achieve these goals, Lingnan will strengthen its local and international outreach and communication networks and work on generating donations to support the institution's development. Lingnan recognises the importance of alumni, and is mindful that alumni support is critical to the future development of the University. As such, the University will embark on a number of initiatives to consolidate connections with them. In the aspect of institutional advancement, the University will:

Branding and Promoting Reputation

  • Forge an Alliance for Asian Liberal Arts Universities to co-brand liberal arts education with leading universities in Asia
  • Foster inter-university cooperation through the Alliance for Asian Liberal Arts Universities in the areas of student learning, academic, research and civic engagement
  • Strengthen the University's connections with the local community and its external stakeholders
  • Initiate a branding campaign in connection with the University's 50th anniversary celebration based on a thorough brand audit, the findings of which will help the University identify its brand positon and communication strategies


  • Strengthen the alumni network and encourage alumni donations
  • Enhance communication with existing and prospective donors, and expand the donor network
  • Forge links with current and potential donors
  • Connect with medium-size enterprises and up-and-coming companies

Alumni Relations

  • Strengthen the connections with alumni by updating the database of the alumni who graduated in the 80s and 90s and those from the postgraduate programmes
  • Encourage and engage alumni to form alumni associations in the name of Lingnan University
  • Foster a giving culture among alumni and encourage them to contribute to the University in a variety of ways, e.g. volunteering as mentors and coaches, donations, etc.
  • Promote a sense of pride among alumni in being a "Lingnanian" and engage them in Lingnan events