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Undergraduate Admissions

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Senior Year Admission

An applicant who has successfully graduated from a recognised full-time Associate Degree (AD)/Higher Diploma (HD) programme with duration of at least two years offered by a post-secondary institution is considered to be eligible for admission to Year 3# (senior year places) and/or Year 2#.  

An admittee who is granted a transfer of 54 credits or more upon admission is designated as a "Year 3" student#.  The number of credits transferred depends on whether an applicant has completed courses which correspond to (and at comparable levels as) the courses in the study programme concerned.  However, a student normally may not be granted more than 50% of the required number of credits for the academic award or the Minor Programme.  The normative length of study is two years# and usually the majority of foundation courses in the early part of the curriculum will have credit transfer recognition. 

The University will take into consideration all information provided by applicants, such as academic performance (e.g. examination results in public examinations and academic results in their sub-degree studies), performance in interviews/tests, non-academic achievements and interest, and other factors which individual academic units consider relevant to the study programme concerned.

For more details regarding credit transfer and course exemption for undergraduate programmes, please click here.


Programmes to be Offered

Please click here for details of programmes offered.

New programmes to be offered from the 2021 Intake:

Highlights of Majors/Discipline Major/Streams to be offered:


Who can Apply

Sub-degree (SD) graduates/final year students (except those directly entering the final year of SD programmes) are eligible to apply for admission to Year 3# (senior year places) and/or Year 2#.  


Application Period

The application period for senior year students is the same as that of the Year 1 intake of the 4-year curriculum. 


Application Procedure

Please click Apply Online to complete an online application.



The designated year of admission does not reflect the number of credits the student earned for fulfilment of curriculum requirements and the expected duration before he/she can graduate. The actual number of transfer credits to be granted for fulfilment of curriculum requirements will follow the relevant academic regulations regarding credit transfer, which is subject to a maximum of 60 credits (for Year 3 students)/30 credits (for Year 2 students). As such, the student may require longer period than normative programme duration for fulfilling the curriculum requirements (i.e. may require more than two years for Year 3 students/three years for Year 2 students).