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Liberal Arts Education Transformation For Life
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Teaching and Learning

Lingnan's Liberal Arts Education


We equip students to think critically, communicate effectively, engage with society and solve problems in the fast-changing world.

Liberal arts education at Lingnan University aims to instil a sense of civic duty in our students and to cultivate skills, competences and sensibilities that enable graduates to pursue their goals in a rapidly changing social, cultural and economic environment. Lingnan graduates will have breadth and depth of vision, the desire and capacity for public service, an awareness of the complexities that characterise enduring human dilemmas, and, accordingly, maturity of judgement. Excellent as leaders and employees, Lingnan graduates will be the beneficiaries of a multi-dimensional approach to learning.  

Key Elements of Our Liberal Arts Education 

Our Characteristics



We offer undergraduate, taught postgraduate and research postgraduate programmes in the areas of Arts, Business and Social Sciences, and our broad curriculum covers an array of general education and interdisciplinary courses to provide students with a firm knowledge foundation across different subjects.

The Core Curriculum is an essential part of our undergraduate curriculum.

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Teaching and Learning


We adopt a student-oriented teaching and learning approach, emphasise close faculty-student relationship and stress interactive teach