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Teaching and Learning

Graduate Attributes

Graduate Attributes

With our multi-dimensional approach to learning, Lingnan graduates will have breadth and depth of vision and knowledge.

Liberal arts education at Lingnan University aims to instil a sense of civic duty in our students and to cultivate skills, competences and sensibilities that enable graduates to pursue their goals in a rapidly changing social, cultural and economic environment. Lingnan graduates will have breadth and depth of vision, the desire and capacity for public service, an awareness of the complexities that characterise enduring human dilemmas, and, accordingly, maturity of judgement. Excellent as leaders and employees, Lingnan graduates will be the beneficiaries of a multi-dimensional approach to learning.  

Graduate Attributes

For undergraduate programmes, the ideal Lingnan graduate will possess the following attributes:

Scholarly and Interdisciplinary

  • LU graduates will have a secure grounding in a chosen academic field(s) and cross-disciplinary applications.

Digitally Literate

  • LU graduates will have proficiency in technology.

Skilled Communicator

  • LU graduates will have excellent communication skills, including oral and written English and Chinese (Putonghua as well as Cantonese) skills.

Critical and Analytical

  • LU graduates will demonstrate independent critical thinking and strong analytic competence.

Creative and Entrepreneurial

  • LU graduates will be creative problem-solvers and be capable planners, and entrepreneurs.

Committed to Service

  • LU graduates will have a commitment to service to the community.

Glocally Minded

  • LU graduates will have a global and local (a Glocal) outlook with the ability to understand various cultural perspectives.

Personally and Socially Responsible

  • LU graduates will have tolerance, integrity, civility and a sense of responsibility.

Committed to Life-long Learning

  • LU graduates will have a desire for life-long learning.


For research postgraduate programmes, Lingnan graduates are expected to possess the following attributes:

Scholarly and Original

  • LU graduates will have relevant skills to be leading discipline specialist and contribute to original research.

Critical and Analytical Researcher

  • LU graduates will be analytical and academically rigorous in their application to their research area.

Personally and Socially Responsible Researcher

  • LU graduates will have in-depth awareness of personal, social and ethical responsibilities and its impact in their research fields.

* the MPhil thesis shall represent a worthwhile contribution while the PhD thesis shall represent a substantial original contribution


For taught postgraduate programmes, Lingnan graduates are expected to possess the following attributes:

Independent and Critical Scholar

  • LU graduates will possess in-depth discipline specific knowledge as well as a diverse range of a professional and scholarship skills.

Advanced Professional Problem-solver

  • LU graduates will have a deep understanding of discipline knowledge to creatively solve complex problems and provide innovative solutions.

Critical and Creative

  • LU graduates will be critically analytical and have a creative perspective and outlook in their research areas / professional discipline.

Skilled Communicator

  • LU graduates will be advanced communicators and be able to articulate clearly and coherently in written, digital and oral forms.

Ethically and Socially Responsible Researcher/Professional

  • LU graduates will be reflective, ethical and socially responsible in conducting their research / professional practice.