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Career Advising Services

Career Advising Services
Career Advising Services

Career Advising Services of OSA assists students to make informed career choices commensurate with their talents, interests and aptitude in preparation for employment after graduation. Career education and development programmes are organized to guide students through different phases of the career planning stage.  Recruitment talks and placement activities are held throughout the year to provide the latest job market information and channels for direct interaction with employers.

We also work in partnerships with academic departments, employers and alumni to provide career education programmes and job preparation training to students. Workshops like resume writing, mock interview sessions, mock written tests, job interview skills, image building, personal grooming and business etiquette will be offered during the academic year.

Job Hunting Form Lingather Mentors Job Skills Workshop

Our career programme schedule will be posted on the OSA-Career Advising Services notice board and also on our Coming Career Programmes website. Students who wish to participate in seminars/workshops or recruitment talks are highly encouraged to pre-enrol via our Coming Career Programmes website. Please also follow our Facebook page  and our Instagram to get  the latest update of all our career activities and news.


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Students who wish to seek advice on career choices and job applications, may approach our career officers to discuss your concerns.  General Enquiries: 2616-7406 / 2616-7446

Contact Us:

Mr. Albert Suen Tel: 2616-7407 Email:
Ms. Sara Chow Tel: 2616-7404 Email:
Ms. Angie Lau
(Community Services)
Tel: 2616-7023 Email:
Ms. Shirley Siu Tel: 2616-7366 Email:
Mr. Edwin Fok Tel: 2616-7408 Email:

Office Hours:

Mon to Fri: 9am -12:30pm; 1:30pm - 5:21pm
Close on Sat, Sun and Public Holiday