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Peer Mentoring Programme

Every new student (mentee) is assigned 3 – 5 peer mentors (Year 2 or 3 or postgraduate students) to be his or her mentors at the University Orientation and throughout his or her first year of study at the University. The programme enables every new student to develop network with his or her mentors and have mutual experience exchange. While mentees could learn from their mentors’ experiences in various aspects of university life, mentors could also learn assuming responsibilities and care for others.

The Objectives of the Peer Mentoring Programme

-   to help new students adjust to university life; 

-   to develop a supportive personal network amongst new students and senior students;

-   to help peer mentors gain a better understanding towards themselves through helping experiences;

-   to create a caring culture in the campus;

-   to identify special needs of new students and make necessary referrals

The Best Mentors

-    Committed to help new students and nurture a long-lasting relationship with mentees;

-    Active;

-    Caring;

-    Positive;

-    Initiative;

-    Open-minded;

-    Resourceful;

-    Good communication skills 

Mentors' Dos & Don'ts


-    Keep close in touch with your mentees;

-    Encourage your mentees to be proactive;

-    Treat your mentees as young brothers, sisters or friends;

-    Enjoy the mentor-mentee relationships;

-    Listen to your mentees' questions;

-    Get help when you can't deal with your mentees alone



-    Be too kind to your mentees, let him/her pay once in a while;

-    Speak like a boss to your mentees;

-    Make personal assumptions about your mentees;

-    Underestimate the time and commitment involved

The Best Mentees

-    Committed to nurture a long-lasting relationship with mentors;

-    Active;

-    Willing to share their feelings;

-    Willing to take initiative to interact with mentors;

-    Grateful for mentors

Mentees' Dos & Don'ts


-    Take initiative to keep close contact with your mentors;

-    Suggest activities for promoting mentor-mentee relationships;

-    Make a priority for meeting with your mentors;

-    Do share with your mentors



-    Hesitate to contact your mentors when you need advice;

-    Be emotional in seeking advice from your mentors;

-    Make personal assumptions about your mentors;

-    Underestimate the time and commitment


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