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Student Hostel

Hostel Application

Important Dates/ Information:
1. Residential Term One 2021/22: 27 August 2021 to 6 January 2022

2. Residential Term Two 2021/22: 7 January 2022 to 20 May 2022

3. Additional Hostel Rules and Special Arrangement for Hostel  PDFLock

4. Visitor Registration Form for Student Hostel PDFLock


Special Requirement for Vaccination/COVID-testing in the AY 2021-22 for Student Hostel Residents

Hostel residents are required to be fully vaccinated (i.e., at least 14 days after the final dose of a recognized vaccine against COVID-19 before the residential period starts). Those who cannot be vaccinated for medical/personal reasons are required to have COVID-19 testing once every 7 days (effective from 14 Jan 2022) during the residential period. Residents who fail to comply with this requirement will be barred from entering hostels until the requirement is fulfilled and confirmed by the University.

Residents are required to upload the valid vaccination proof or valid test result to the University online system for Warden Offices to check at least 3 calendar days before check-in. Please refer to the below documents for details:

1. Important Message Regarding Special Requirement for Vaccination/COVID-testing in the AY 2021-22 PDFLock

2. Frequently Asked Questions for COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record System for Student Residents PDFLock

3. Quick Guide for COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing Record System for Student Residents (For Student Residents) PDFLock

4. Email to all current Student Residents on 23 Dec 2021 and Updates PDFLock


Campus Vaccination Requirements and Campus Entry Permit

Student hostel residents should upload their vaccine/ COVID-19 regular test result via the “COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing Record System for Student Residents” in myLingnan Portal. The data will be automatically transferred to the new Campus Entry Permit System. Hostel residents are NOT required to upload their records again in the Campus Entry Permit System. If you are current hostel resident from Term One to Term Two and with vaccination record uploaded and approved already, you only need to generate the Campus Entry Permit via the “LU Mobile” app for campus access. Please be reminded to check the guidelines from OCPA on how to obtain a Campus Entry Permit via the “LU Mobile” app. Please be sure to download LU Mobile app for Campus Entry Permit. Hostel residents are still needed to show their Campus Entry Permit for entering the campus.


  1. Submit your vaccination record (if you are fully vaccinated) / the negative COVID-19 testing result (if you are not fully vaccinated; the test should be conducted within 7-day before your check-in) via myLingnan Portal. Your Warden Office will check your record and inform you whether your check-in is approved or not. When you receive the Approval (not Acknowledgement) email from your Warden Office, you could proceed to check in. 
  2. (for new student) Collect your Student. I.D. Card at the Registry during office hour. Office hour of Registry: Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; 1:30 p.m. to 5:36 p.m. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. 
  3. Visit the security counter of your assigned hostel block. You should check in between 07:00 and 23:00.
  4. Please present your Lingnan University Student Identity Card (SID card) to the security officer for your hostel check-in. You can also present your hostel room number shows on LU Mobile App to them.
  5. The security officer will process your hostel check-in and issue the hostel room key/ keycard to you. Please check carefully and confirm the hostel room key is the original key and with the correct room number at the security counter. Please also confirm that there are no physical damages to the key/keycard before you leave the security counter.

  1. Check-out is completed at the Security Counter in hostel. Student must complete the check-out between 0700 to 2300, except for the last day of the residential term (by 1200 noon). The University will impose late check-out penalty (HK$100/ day) and lost of room key penalty (HK$100) if student is not able to complete the hostel check-out by 1200 noon on 20 May 2022. There is no hostel fee refund even if student move-out before the last residential date. 
  2. Make sure all facilities (power extension cord, remote control, drawer key, etc.) and furniture (bed, chair, wardrobe, mattress etc.) of your room are in order and same as its original setting.
  3. Switch off all electrical appliance (e.g. air conditioner, fan etc.) in the room.
  4. Present your Student ID Card and return the completed clearance form with the correct and original room key (with LU print) or key card to the Security Counter.
  5. Students who have completed the check-out procedures will not be allowed to return to the hostel room again. The access right to the hostel will be immediately deactivated after completion of check-out procedure.

Hostel Fee Payment Methods:


Application Details Date 

Application Forms and Guidelines for Hostel Rooms Swapping  (Term 2, 2021 – 22)  PDFLock

12 Jan 2022
Application for Withdrawal from Residence in Term Two 2021/22 PDFLock 2 Nov 2021
Hostel Rooms Swapping 2021 - Check Out Arrangements (Term 1, 2021-22) PDFLock 30 Sept 2021
Applications for Hostel Rooms Swapping  (Term 1, 2021 – 22)  PDFLock 17 Sept 2021

Confirmation of Student Hostel Offer 2021-22 PDFLock (applicable for current UG and RPG students)

Students who have submitted the online application/ re-confirmation between 29 May and 4 June 2021 are invited to confirm the acceptance of hostel offer and submit hostel and roommate preferences from 24 June to 2 July (by 23:59).

24 June 2021
Application for Student Hostel 2021-22 PDFLock (applicable for current UG and RPG students) 29 May 2021

Important Notes on Student Hostels Check-out 2020-21

3 May 2021
Updates on Application for Student Hostel 2021/22 (for current UG and RPg)
The hostel confirmation originally scheduled from 28 April to 7 May 2021 will be postponed as the University is in the process of reviewing the hostel allocation in response to the latest pandemic development. Students who have submitted the hostel online application during 17 to 24 March 2021 will have priority for hostel room assignment. Details will be announced as soon as practical. Thank you for your kind understanding.  
15 April 2021